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Our Story

Paper Houses Design, pattern for every part of your life. It’s about being lost in a massive pattern clash. It’s about incorporating pattern in a fun + stylish way. Paper Houses Design was created by textile designer Mhairi Allan; a stationary collecting, orange obsessing, triangle loving designer, with a calling to geometrics. When taking inspiration for designs like the latest collections there is a lot of time spent wondering around looking at what’s going on. Looking at the BT telephone wires that run from the posts in to people’s houses, casting shadows on the ground as they connect people to the outside world. The shadows are another layer of the pattern that they create.

Hand-drawn patterns are developed from this inspiration + then are taken further digitally, adding colour + finalising the composition. After lots of sampling and development the final fabric is printed in the UK. Paper Houses Design cares about sustainability + quality. That’s why our fabric is either digitally printed or in house screen printed, this reduces water wastage. Our products are made in house or when we need larger quantities these are batch produced. We work to make sure our product designs use the fabric in the most sustainable way. With all production sometimes there are small pieces of excess fabric that are known as off cuts but we repurpose these.

When it comes to our packaging we don’t want to over brand it as we want you to reuse it! So our tissue paper is patterned, it can be used for many things including wrapping paper. Our boxes are blank on the outside so you can use then as storage boxes. We are also moving towards recyclable postal bags too. You can be happy knowing that what you buy for enjoyment is filling your life with pattern + endeavouring to be more sustainable.

Scotland is flourishing thanks to the creative community + its openness to all. This is something Paper Houses Design is very proud to be part of and wants to grow.

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