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Taking time to stop + lookup gave the inspiration for the Signals collection. Above our heads wires run into our homes, connecting us to each other. These wire lines were developed through sketching to create the motif that is the centrepiece of Signals design. In a world where such wires are so important for our daily life, it’s also good to take a moment to stop + enjoy the simple things. Like your favourite patterns.

Love Pattern, Live Pattern

Scandi-Scottish style with a colourful mid-century modern inspired design will make your home + you look amazing. Signals will transcend the seasons to bring style all year.



One side is the bold Signal pattern + the other is a deep orange rich cotton drill to give usability.



Outer fabric is printed with the distinctive yet simple Signals print. The inside is lined with a soft orange fabric to brighten up any day.



Not just for your home the Signals design transcends to fashion, being stylish in any season.